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TOP Bitcoin Casino sites in Indonesia

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If you are wondering about the popularity of bitcoin casinos in Indonesia, you should know that the fame is continuously growing. There are multiple reasons behind this sudden growth in the preference of bitcoin casinos.


Firstly, crypto casinos offer maximum speed when it comes to online slot games, tables, and much more. You can quickly join a live session and try your luck without having to wait a while.


Another important aspect behind the ongoing demand for bitcoin gambling in Indonesia is the maximum anonymity that users can enjoy with digital currencies. They can stay secure, keep their confidential data away from prying eyes, and still enjoy their favorite games.


The ultimate security features with safe cryptocurrency payment gateways are yet another interesting reason behind the explosive popularity of such casinos in Indonesia.

Exclusive Bonuses

Moreover, BTC casinos also tend to offer top-notch bonuses, incentives, and regular rewards to their customers to keep them interested in coming back. You can enjoy up to 2x your stakes or even more. Read more about no deposit Bitcoin casino bonuses here.

Facts about Crypto Regulation in Indonesia

The Indonesian government has gradually witnessed the massive growth of digital currencies, and Indonesian citizens’ curiosity and willingness to invest are growing exponentially. To facilitate this, BAPPEBTI has gradually created and signed laws and rules to enable adequate regulating and overseeing through precise rules in order to facilitate Indonesia’s increasing demand for digital currencies. These policies also impact bitcoin gambling.

The most important development is Regulation No.7/2020. This rule has already clarified the formerly ambiguous recognition of which individual cryptos are authorized to be ‘legally traded,’ as well as the criteria BAPPEBTI uses to make their determinations.

Regulation No.7/2020, which has been in effect since December 30, 2020, clarifies the particular standards and criteria for digital currencies that must be authorized by BAPPEBTI. It gives you access to an approved schedule of cryptocurrency assets. The authorized list contains a total of 229 digital currencies that can be exchanged inside Indonesia’s borders.

Historically, the community was not given access to precise criteria or a list of cryptocurrencies. These events, as well as the administration’s openness, reflect the government’s major move toward legalizing digital payments on regulated and recognized payment systems like Indodax.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bitcoin Gambling Site?

The field of online gaming is one of several businesses that has welcomed Digital currencies. Technological innovation offers a plethora of benefits. You benefit from quick payments, cheap costs, and the ability to remain private.

You’ll undoubtedly want to discover a secure gambling site where you can retain your winnings, and to do so, and you’ll need to choose the best Bitcoin casino in Indonesia. When selecting a gambling site, there are several variables to consider. Searching for numerous types of data and recommendations on gambling websites may be very beneficial.

Many online casinos provide a first-time customer with a deposit bonus as well as various free incentives or discount vouchers. You will have to look for someone who can provide you with the greatest alternative. Sites that advertise major events are likewise an excellent choice. One thing to think about has a dynamic and user-friendly design.

How We Review Bitcoin Casinos?

We offer the best reviews and recommendations when it comes to crypto casinos in Indonesia. Therefore, we take special precautions and do our best to offer the best possible answers.

Our guide is based on five criteria:

  1. A casino’s reliability and fairness: The first element is always the fairness and reliability levels of an online casino. We evaluate its reliability factors based on customer reviews, online feedback, and personal experiences, etc.
  2. Games Variety: Another aspect we take into account is the number of distinct titles and games the casino offers at your fingertips.
  3. Welcome Offer: Many casinos offer helpful welcome offers, bonuses, and incentives to customers. Therefore, we include the number and effectiveness of these bonuses in our reviews.
  4. User-friendliness of a mobile version: Some casinos still don’t offer mobile-friendly options. Therefore, we recommend and review casinos and evaluate their mobile versions for a holistic recommendation.
  5. Customer support service quality: Lastly, we also let our customers know if they can expect excellent support staff assistance from the casinos. Otherwise, you will be stuck solving your problems without any help.

Is a BTC Casino Safe and Honest?

Searching for various information and evaluations on gambling websites may be really beneficial. There are various websites that evaluate casinos and other activities, but only a handful are specifically made for bitcoin players.

You may look at our review site, where you can get outstanding evaluations that will undoubtedly assist with the best decision possible. We have a staff of professionals in both the internet gambling and sports betting industries that can supply you with the most up-to-date knowledge.

You must be cautious since there are firms out there that will try to defraud you. Regrettably, this is unlikely to change very soon. Only play with providers who have a great rep and a certification from a reputable gaming regulator. Our primary objective and concern are to ensure that a casino is honest and safe. Therefore, it is among the core factors that help us draw detailed and well-informed reviews of crypto casino sites.

How Diverse Are the Games and Providers?

The diversity of the bitcoin gambling and the casino site you choose should be the second most significant consideration. Some businesses offer services that aren’t exactly appropriate for the year 2023. They might have bad visuals or take an eternity to load. Such flaws have the potential to ruin the entire online gaming experience. Thankfully, there are several gambling sites, casinos, and betting websites that accept digital currencies and provide diverse games and providers.

Bitcoin gambling sites include a wide range of game options. There are lots of alternative legal gambling suppliers, and many websites have agreements with only a few. Alternatively, some websites create their own gambling games from the ground up. Such games are usually not as spectacular, but the house percentage is smaller. In the long run, this boosts your likelihood of victory.

Therefore, we take this into our evaluation and ensure that you find the best possible option with maximum diversity and game choices. We make sure that the casino offers different games, reliable providers, and a wide variety of available games for audiences with unique preferences. This way, you will have all the options at your fingertips, and you can have fun while gambling without having to stick to monotonous titles.

Should You Claim a Welcome Bonus?

Who doesn’t want to get a fantastic cryptocurrency casino bonus? Almost all casinos provide signup incentives, in which you receive more coins for setting up an account. Some gambling sites provide no special offers simply for registering with the facility.

A nice bonus may make your crypto gambling a little more successful, so keep an eye out for it. Check the Bitcoin casino bonuses for incentives as well.  This is where we come in and take everything into account, such as the welcome bonuses offered by different facilities.

Because this is what most gamers care about, it’s among the first questions we ask. Our experts examine the quantity and richness of an online gambling reward, as well as any concealed conditions that make the offer worthless and create an unending degree of worry and anguish for gamers attempting to claim it. It’s not only about free coins and bonus games. We also closely review the loyalty programs offered by these casinos.

Is a Bitcoin Casino Wholly Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets?

A Bitcoin casino with 5000+ games is pointless if many of these games are 10+ years old and hardly functional with smartphones. Therefore, we take number and quality into account. It’s critical for a great online betting platform to offer a diverse assortment of high-quality titles that apply to a wide variety of players, as well as be accessible on mobile and desktop devices.

Our team carefully examines all the available and popular titles and continuously tests them for different gaming platforms, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and more. Moreover, we also ensure that these are compatible with different web browsers, operating systems, machine specs, and more. Our goal and objective are to ensure that players have fun while playing these games, and they don’t have to suffer from any interruptions or lags.

How Good Is Customer Support Service?

You can’t understand the value of excellent customer service unless you’ve had an awful service experience. The one and only thing worse than a traumatic customer service experience are when the customer service department fails to recognize it, fails to offer you what you really want, and avoids you. That is why our skilled team puts a premium on excellent customer service, examining factors such as additional services and hours of operation, as well as how they resolve issues and if they have a grievances mechanism in place.

How to make a cryptocurrency deposit?

Thankfully, transferring cryptocurrencies for gaming purposes is a simple task. Furthermore, you may rest confident that it is less complicated than using typical payment services such as credit cards and bank wire transfers. You’ll need to have some coins until you can complete any transactions.

Furthermore, you’ll need a location to store your cryptocurrencies before you can use them. Therefore, you will need a Bitcoin wallet for use with a BTC casino.

When you have coins in your account, you may transfer them into an online casino and actually play.

  • The procedure begins when you register with online crypto casinos in Indonesia. When you join up for an online gambling platform, a vast majority of them establish a transitory currency storage account for you.
  • You put your money into this wallet and use it to gamble. It’s the same account that the site employs to transfer your profits.
  • This account on the gaming website contains an address and accompanying encryption information, just like the other wallets on your cellphone. The latter is frequently stored in the cloud, and the login credentials suffice.
  • You can go to your profile on the gaming page and click the ‘Deposit’ button to begin the transaction procedure.
  • The code generator and the lengthy textual section will be used to show a wallet account.
  • You can scan this code on your personal wallet and authorize transactions.

How do I withdraw money from Bitcoin online casino?

To get money out of your wallet, go to the financial page and select the Bitcoin withdrawing option. You will next be free to choose the sum you desire to transfer. It will then be later transferred to the digital currency address that you used to make your payments.

Some sites may accept whole coin additions or fractions of a cryptocurrency to fund your accounts. They will also allow you to invest whatever percentage of a coin in any match you want to participate in without issues.

Here is how you can withdraw your funds from a BTC casino in Indonesia.

  • It’s time to cash out your earnings once you’ve won a game. You must merely request a transfer from the internet casino or site where you’re participating.
  • Then, your coins will be sent back to the digital wallet that you originally used for deposits.
  • Once you’ve received your coins, you may exchange these to your domestic currency and transfer them to your financial institution.
  • You may also use them to make purchases on other bitcoin websites. One of the advantages of bitcoin is its ease of usage, which allows it to be utilized anywhere using the same procedure.

How to open a Bitcoin wallet for crypto gambling in Indonesia?

The wallet has an address that you may disclose with others to transfer funds, as well as encryption information that you may use to authorize payouts. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, you have a few alternatives at your disposal. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Cloud Wallets
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Desktop Wallets
  • Hardware Wallets
  • Paper Wallets

Getting Bitcoins for Crypto Gambling in Indonesia

Cryptocurrencies can be received as presents from loved ones. This is frequently how most individuals first learn about cryptocurrencies. However, it can only be your supply if you have cryptocurrency lovers in your group. It is not a safe technique to obtain cryptocurrencies for internet gambling.

If you can’t get cryptocurrencies for free from your friends, you’ll have to purchase them. In Indonesia, there are several useful services that link bitcoin consumers with interested dealers in their area.

You may also purchase bitcoins using bitcoin markets. This is a common way to get bitcoins. Cryptocurrency exchanges, like Coinbase, are online marketplaces for buying and selling bitcoins.

What games can you play at crypto casinos?

At online casinos, you may play a variety of cryptocurrency slots. Some of these titles have a larger following than others. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Bitcoin games at crypto casinos.


Bitcoin blackjack is a famous game that can be found at both cryptocurrency casinos and traditional gambling sites. You have a shot at earning a reward if you get nearer to 21 than the dealers. Many expert professionals have suggested that newcomers to the realm of blackjack gambling begin with cryptocurrency blackjack. The reason is that the software employed simplifies the game’s complexities.


Cryptocurrency slots have suddenly become quite famous. They’ve progressed from simple three-reel games to five-reel games with interactive multimedia features and large payouts. You can get up to 100 bonus games based on the websites of your choice.


Bitcoin roulette is yet another amazing game you can play at a crypto casinos. This is quite likely the most famous live casino action. The principle is straightforward: you must predict the color or digit the ball will land on during the game. There are various interesting options to choose from, so you can maximize your chances of winning.


There are various poker tournaments to pick from, including Jacks or multi-hand versions and Texas Hold’em. It has been a beloved game for centuries, so it comes as no surprise that it has a sizable internet community.

Bitcoin Gambling Sites in Indonesia – What Else They Offer?

Other than online casino games, the best crypto gambling sites also offer bitcoin sports betting. If you want to place bets with cryptocurrencies, you must first complete two steps. The first step is to locate and open an account with a sportsbook that takes your Digital currency. The second option is to create an e-wallet in which you may store your money and send cash to your bookies or return it to you if you score. This way, you can easily gamble and place bets on real-world live games with your digital currencies.

Pros and Cons with Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin is safer, faster, and basically a free payment method.You must select your BTC casino from our list of pre-vetted and trustworthy casinos. If you don’t verify the crypto casino, you may fall into the hands of fraudulent and un-licensed platforms.
Bitcoin casinos offer bigger winnings to playersWhile BTC has proven to be an incredibly profitable currency, it’s still extremely volatile.
No state or bank can control Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
You don’t have legal restrictions and tax issues
Total privacy and anonymity with Bitcoin
Instant deposits and withdrawals of money

Which is the best bitcoin casino in Indonesia?

Here are the most popular Bitcoin casinos in Indonesia:

  1. Playamo
  2. Bitcasino
  3. Bitstarz Casino [offers no deposit free spins]
  4. Fortune Jack [offers no deposit free spins for registration]
  5. 7Bit Casino [offers no deposit bonus]


What types of gambling are available at online Bitcoin casinos in Indonesia?

Bitcoin gambling allows you to bet on virtual casino games and real-life sports games.

Are online Bitcoin casinos legal in Indonesia?

Yes, BTC casinos are a legal form of gambling online.

What does “Provably fair” mean?

This means that users will get to enjoy fair (and known) odds of winning a game without any unfair advantage to the house.

Is it safe to use Bitcoin?

The best bitcoin casino will ensure that your money and funds are safe along with your identity. Therefore, it is safe to use these coins as you can enjoy a decentralized economic structure.

Which license is the most common for crypto casinos?

Curacao licensing jurisdiction is the most common in Indonesia.

Do I need to pay commission fees on my winnings?

No. You can withdraw your money without issues.

Is Bitcoin gambling safe?

Yes. It offers an anonymous way of gambling.

How fast are the transactions?

You can get your bitcoin funds within 24 hours or less with most casinos.

How can you purchase Bitcoins in Indonesia for gambling?

You can get them from local dealers or buy them from legal bitcoin exchanges.

What is an advantage of BTC casinos?

BTC Casinos are fast, safe, and anonymous.

Do all online casinos in Indonesia take Bitcoin?

No. Only BTC casinos accept digital currencies.

Are there any alternatives to Bitcoin?

You can also use other digital currencies, such as Ethereum, etc.


The ongoing popularity of Bitcoin casino sites in Indonesia is showing no signs of slowing down. When investing cash with your operator, you have the option of remaining incognito. Your monetary resources are the only information provided with your transaction. Moreover, your private details or bank details are not provided. This is fantastic news for online gamblers who want to keep private. 

However, you will need to choose an online trusted Indonesian bitcoin casino for your gambling needs. Therefore, you can visit our website and find useful reviews regarding the best options in the market right now. We offer firsthand experiences, available perks, and so much more in our detailed reviews.