Top eSports Betting Sites with Bitcoin

Have you already discovered the exciting world of Bitcoin eSports betting? Do you know the fantastic advantages of making your bets with crypto? Wait no longer and read this expert guide with all the details.


What you’ll discover here:

  • What are the top eSports Bitcoin betting sites [updated and ranked].
  • How to bet at eSports matches and events with BTC.
  • Types of eSports bets with Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies like ETH, LTC, DOGE, USDT available.
  • How to bet from mobile devices and what are the supported OS.

The Best Bitcoin eSports betting sites

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The online betting sites offer a vast ocean. You can spend hours diving and search for the best place to make a couple of bets. We know players don’t like to waste their time scrolling while they could be betting. Therefore, we curated a selection of eSports betting sites, Bitcoin-friendly, for you to pick a favourite.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

How to Bet on eSports Matches with Bitcoin

If you are eager to discover the thrilling world of Bitcoin eSports betting, we got you covered. Up next, we’ll go over the key takeaways on how to bet at eSports matches. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled crypto user, we’ll explain each step required to make BTC transactions.

We divided the process into four different stages that will be explained up to the very last detail. Moreover, you can bookmark this guide to use it with other cryptocurrency transactions.

Now, eSports betting with Bitcoin is not complicated at all, you just need to pay attention to each step, and we guarantee you’ll be betting in the blink of an eye.

Purchasing Bitcoin

The first step towards BTC eSports betting is to buy crypto. Today, we’ll focus on Bitcoin. However, purchasing other cryptocurrencies is similar, and you can use this as a guide too:

  1. You must create a wallet to keep your Bitcoins and transfer the funds to the betting site.
  2. You need to go to the crypto exchange to buy or sell cryptocurrency. There’s a wide array of wallet options but don’t be overwhelmed. Our advice is to choose a wallet that also offers exchange services to make the process faster.
  3. Set up the wallet account, and enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy.
  4. Now transfer those BTCs to the address in your wallet, and you’re done.

Depositing Bitcoin

Now it’s time to deposit those Bitcoins into the betting site you have chosen. Keep in mind that every website has particular layouts, and these references may vary.

In the first place, you must create an account at a Bitcoin eSports betting site. Once the account is confirmed and verified, you can now make transactions.

Go to the Deposit/Withdrawals or Payments section and choose the payment method, which in this case, is BTC.

Then, copy the address you’ll be given and go to your wallet. Now, enter the address in the wallet plus the amount of crypto you want to send to the betting site, and confirm the transaction.

Betting Bitcoin on eSports matches

If you are a newbie in the Bitcoin eSports betting scene, we’ll help you break the ice. Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above and funded your account, you are ready to make bets.

Most websites usually transform Bitcoins into smaller units to make the betting process more accessible, like mBTC or chips. However, this doesn’t affect the amount of cryptocurrency you have deposited.

Then you just must choose an eSports match (or more) and place your bet. Finally, it is all about waiting and enjoying the event while you wait for a favorable outcome.

Withdrawing Bitcoin

If you want to cash out your winnings, the process is straightforward. Fortunately, Bitcoin eSports sportsbooks have user-friendly interfaces that help players make transactions faster.

The first step is to log in to your betting site account and head over to the Withdrawal or Payment section. Then enter the amount you want to cash out and the method you wish to use.

In this case, we are using BTC, so you’ll have to enter the wallet address to transfer the funds. Finally, confirm the withdrawal request and go to your wallet to check you’ve received the funds.

Types of eSports Bets with Bitcoins

  • Moneyline bets

Moneyline is a straightforward type of bet. Players have to pick a winner, which means that you can bet straight up on a winner for a specific match, or you can place a moneyline bet on which team would win a particular stage of a game.

  • Live bets

Live bets have the peculiarity that they can be placed once the eSports match has already started. This type of bet is also known as “in-play” bets, and they have been recently added to most betting sites.

  • Over/under bets

Over/under betting types are very popular at Bitcoin eSports betting sites. Players have to make bets based on whether the combined score of a match will be over or under a specific total score.

  • Special bets

There are some special bets that players should consider too. Some of them are First Blood, Knife Round, Pistol Round, and Map Winner. These particular types of bets are often used at LOL, DOTA 2, and CS:GO.

Betting on Top eSports Games

  • Overwatch

Overwatch is a multi-player and first-person game developed by the famous company Blizzard Entertainment. In this game, players are divided into teams of six persons. Teams have to defend specific control points within a map or escort a particular payload in a limited time frame to win the match.

  • LOL and Dota 2

DOTA 2 and LOL are both multiplayer video games where teams of five players battle on a map. Both have similar goals, which are to destroy the headquarters of the opponent’s base. This is called The Nexus at LOL and The Ancient at DOTA2. However, even though the games may seem identical, they have different features, and that’s why we encourage you to try both.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is one of the most played games at Bitcoin eSports betting sites. This first-person game consists of two teams of five players that battle against each other. During the game, one team takes the role of Terrorists, while the other takes the part of Counter-Terrorists. To win the match, a team has to win 16 rounds.

How to Bet on eSports with BTC Using Mobile Devices?

Mobile betting is growing at a fast pace. Over the last years, the number of players who make bets and gamble online has significantly increased. This forced betting sites to develop or improve their websites to deliver a peerless experience for their users.

Today, if a website has a puzzling design or doesn’t offer the same features as the desktop version, players will leave. As the portable devices improve their features and usability, online betting sites had to adapt. A few years ago, if you wanted to play on your phone or tablet at any betting site, you had to download an app that would use your device’s storage space.

This became a significant issue when players wanted to play in more than one place. For that reason, today, most sites have developed Progressive Web Apps that act as a shortcut without wasting the device’s sources. Therefore, Android and iOS users can enjoy betting at multiple sites.

Pros and Cons of Betting with Bitcoin

Betting with Bitcoin is cheaper than other FIAT payment methods, as there are lower or non-existent fees.The price of Bitcoin fluctuates daily, with several ups and downs that may affect your winnings.
Bitcoin eSports betting allows players to place their bets anonymously as they work in a decentralized network.Setting up a wallet and buying BTC and other cryptocurrencies can be difficult to understand for beginners.
When choosing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to bet, transactions are faster. In addition, deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly at most betting sites.Bitcoin operates in a decentralized network, and for that reason, there’s no authority or government to regulate the activity.
There are no legal restrictions to bet with BTC. As some countries may restrict gambling and betting activities, certain payment methods may be blocked. However, Bitcoin can be used regardless of these restraints.Some untrustworthy online casinos have to manually process payouts, which may take between 1-3 business days.


What are the best eSports betting sites?

Finding the best BTC eSports betting sites can take several hours. For that reason, we chose two top-rated websites that are worth the try: and 22Bet.

Do all eSports betting sites accept cryptocurrencies?

Unfortunately, not. However, to help you choose only the best betting sites that accept cryptocurrencies, we created this complete article. So you just have to choose a betting site from the list.

Can I get a bitcoin eSports bonus?

Absolutely! Top-notch Bitcoin eSports bookmakers usually have exclusive bonuses and promotions. For example, once you sign up and make a deposit, you can claim a welcome package and receive regular promotions every week.

Is live betting offered with bitcoin eSports?

Yes. Bitcoin live esports betting sites have an entire section dedicated to live events and matches that can be paid with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Is it safe to bet with cryptocurrency?

Betting with crypto is safe as long as you choose trustworthy casinos that hold a license to operate. Otherwise, your transactions could not be secured, and the gambling site may not be liable if any issue occurs.

How do I use bitcoin for eSports betting?

The process is quite simple. Just create an account in any of the sites on our list, and fund the account with BTC.

Is it legal to place a bet using bitcoin?

It’s not illegal to bet with BTC, but some countries ban gambling and all of its variants. So, be aware of geographical restrictions before playing.

Do Bitcoin sportsbooks charge fees for deposits?

Some betting sites don’t charge any fee for deposits, but others do. You can verify this in the payments section of the site.

Is bitcoin a popular payment method for bettors in 2021?

Totally! Bitcoin has become massive, and it’s the preferred payment method among the gambling community.

What is a crypto block explorer?

A block explorer is a type of tool used to monitor current and past cryptocurrency transactions.

Where can I find bitcoin betting sites?

In this guide, you can find the best BTC eSports betting sites tested and ranked.

What is the best eSports bet for beginners?

As you may have seen throughout the article, several types of bets require different skills. The best eSports bets for beginners are the Moneyline bets. You can check how this strategy works in the types of eSports bets section.

Can I place a bet on any sport from my mobile?

Yes. You can bet on the go with your mobile phone by just entering your favourite Bitcoin eSports sportsbook.


The world of Bitcoin eSports betting is quite extensive and entertaining. It’s not only because of the thrill of making bets but also for the exciting matches that take place. Everyday thousands of bets are placed on these websites.

Bitcoin became the preferred currency of the vast majority of players. Undoubtedly, this is because of all the benefits of betting with cryptocurrencies like anonymity and instant deposits and withdrawals.

So, if you haven’t given this fantastic activity a shot, in that case, it’s time to sign up and live a unique betting experience. Give your favourite game a twist with live betting.