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The best MGA casinos with Malta Gaming Authority license are online gambling sites that offer tax-free winnings for EU players, top-level gambling experience, variety of popular payment methods, including Trustly Pay n Play, Paysafecard, VISA / Mastercard.

Enjoy a vast selection of top-quality casino games, seamless transactions, and a best casino experience. Discover the excellence of MGA casinos and indulge in thrilling gameplay backed by the trusted reputation of the Malta Gaming Authority.

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  • What is MGA casino?
  • Why is Malta good for gambling?
  • Which online casinos that hold a valid Malta license are the best?
  • To what extent can I put my faith in the Malta Gaming Authority, and what do I need to know about it?
  • How does Malta ensure the safety of its gambling industry?
  • In what ways does the Maltese license ensure player safety and fair play?

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The Malta Gaming Authority and the Significance of the iGaming Industry

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), established in 2001, is widely recognized as a leading global regulator of the iGaming industry. Being one of the early organizations of its kind, it played a significant role in shaping future regulators. The following businesses are covered by laws enacted by the Malta Gaming Authority: Services for Remote Gambling, Casinos on Land, Bingo Halls for Profit, Regulated Gambling Parlors, and a National Lottery Permit.

Similarly, Malta’s iGaming industry was heavily regulated early on. And Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) was a vital organization in making this happen. The growth of the online gambling sector since 2001 has been indicative of its success; it now contributes 12% of Malta’s GDP.

What is Malta eGaming License?

When it comes to e-gaming licenses, nobody does it better than Malta casino license. The holder of a Malta iGaming license can legally operate in numerous European Union (EU) and international markets, including those that specialize in online casino, eSport, online poker, bingo, raffle, lottery, sports betting, and possibly crypto gaming. The global reputation of the Malta Gaming Authority means that numerous opportunities will be available to a platform that operates under its watchful eye. The process of signing contracts, attracting international customers, and opening bank accounts will be easier for them.

However, these perks don’t come without a cost. Applying for a MGA license to operate an online casino in Malta is a time-consuming, expensive, and complicated process. A great deal of documentation, waiting time, and perhaps even face-to-face discussions with regulators will be required before the application is granted the license.

Making a Complaint Via the Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority makes it easy to file a complaint against a casino licensed in Malta. It is important to try to resolve the matter with the casino first and to file the complaint as quickly as possible within a reasonable time frame. When everything else fails, a complaint can be filed with the Malta Gaming Authority by following these steps:

  1. Open the Malta Gaming Support page.
  2. Then, simply complete the following mandatory fields:
  • First name.
  • Surname.
  • The address where the MGA should reply to your email messages.
  • Phone number.
  • Country of Residence.
  • The name of the casino or other gambling establishment that is the subject of your complaint.
  • The name you used to sign onto your account (at the gambling establishment you are now complaining about).
  • Game you played at the casino.
  • Amount in dispute.
  • Incidence Date.
  • Time of Occurrence.
  • A concise explanation of your claims (but don’t skimp, be as clear and detailed as you can; otherwise, you’ll be requested to expand, which will take more of your time). It’s important to note that you can include supporting evidence in the form of media files when filing a complaint.
  1. Then be sure you click the box labeled “Send a copy to my email” In this approach, you’ll know for certain that the commission has received your complaint.
  2. Press the “submit” button once you have finished.

MGA Casinos Pros and Cons

The gambling license issued by Malta is largely regarded as among the most prestigious in the industry. The operator’s ability to obtain and maintain this license demonstrates their openness, fairness, and honesty as well as their compliance with EU regulations. It is generally accepted that if a gambling operator has been awarded a license by the Malta Gaming Authority, they have passed several stringent, rigorous, and comprehensive tests.

Friendly to Gamers
Due to the importance of iGaming to the economy, the local labor force have extensive knowledge and experience in the gaming industry. Workers fluent in English (and often other important European languages) are plentiful in Malta and throughout Europe. Many companies that provide services related to the gaming industry—such as software, hardware, affiliate, marketing, data, and advertising—are headquartered in Malta.

Confidence Among Participants
MGA online casinos players will have more faith in your site if they see the Malta gaming license displayed prominently. It’s crucial in today’s cutthroat marketplace to earn and keep clients’ confidence. The Malta Gaming Authority has earned credibility among gamblers because to its stringent regulations and emphasis on player safety. In addition, it abides by all relevant EU legislation and maintains stringent anti-money-laundering requirements.

Since 2004, Malta has been a full member of the European Union (EU), and it is also a Commonwealth nation. Socially and politically, the society is extremely stable. Malta’s economy has emerged as one of the world’s strongest because to the continued growth of its thriving tech, financial services, and innovative sectors. The government of Malta has a reputation for being business-friendly, in part because of the flexible regulatory environment it provides to companies in the technology sector.
Potentially Less Bonuses 
The Malta Gaming Authority has one of the highest license fees in the industry. The base price of a Maltese Type 1 iGaming license (covering solely online casino activity) is $59,000, whereas the base price of a Curacao license (encompassing all kinds of gambling) starts from $21,500. That means, casinos operating under the Curacao license may be more generous with bonuses.

Malta Gaming License Requirements 

The Gaming Act of 2018 imposed new licensing and regulatory requirements for the MGA casinos gambling industry in Malta. This statute not only doubled the length of time an MGA license is valid for, from 5 to 10, but also simplified the application procedure, making it possible to hold many licenses at once. Therefore, the following are the specific requirements that must be taken while applying for a MGA casino license:

  1. Open a Maltese Branch

A physical presence in the country is required to apply for and receive a B2C MGA gaming license. The minimum number of shareholders required to register a company is 2. Both a director and a secretary are required for your business (the latter will be subject to the MGA’s Fit and Proper Test, which will be discussed in the following section). To fulfill the MGA’s obligations, the business must also fill the following positions:

  • CEO
  • Important Aspects of Gambling Operations (Along with Money, Risk, and Fraud)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (also Chief Responsible Gambling Officer, Chief Player Support Representative, Chief Marketing Officer)
  • AML and CFT Compliance 
  • Data Protection 
  • Legal Framework
  • Important Tools (and Data Protection)
  • Internal Auditing
  1. Verify Adequate Formalities

At this point, the MGA will verify the applicant(s) for the license, the shareholders, and any other relevant personnel listed on the application. As part of this process, we analyze whatever data we have access to about the client’s business, including financial and management details. The Malta Gaming Authority’s “Fit and Proper Test” assesses the personal and professional information of business owners and administrative personnel. For example:

  • Probability inquiry involving additional local, state, federal, and international bodies.
  • Each owner/applicant must provide a police certificate of good conduct that is valid for no more than three months.
  • Each applicant/owner must submit passport copies and bank references that are no more than three months old.
  1. Verifying the Business Plan

After an applicant has been deemed “fit and proper,” the Malta Gaming Authority conducts a comprehensive review of their proposed business operations. A comprehensive outlook for the enterprise is required in the business plan. Examples of this are:

  • Promotion and distribution
  • Capacity building
  • Location of the server(s) housing the data and programs
  • Planned activities and expansion expectations
  • The Future of Money
  • Hosting and servers must be in Malta and comply with regulations set forth by Malta’s online gaming license
  1. Verify Legal Prerequisites

The Malta Gaming Authority will look at a variety of factors, such as (but not limited to) the applicant’s trustworthiness and the viability of the company’s iGaming business strategy:

  • Documentation for a Corporation
  • Guidelines and regulations
  • Rules and regulations
  • Specifics on all of the games and software that will be available
  • Specifics of all Contracts with Outside Parties

The MGA will also investigate the applicant’s financial stability before issuing a gambling license. 

The Application Process for Malta Gaming Authority Licensing

Once your application reaches this point, you will be notified of its status and invited to bring your operation into a technical environment for testing. You will be given the option to “go live” in a safe setting. You now have 60 days to finish the mandatory system audit. It is necessary to request a third-party system review. An MGA-approved system auditor of your choosing will conduct this audit on your behalf.

The auditor will verify if the daily operations of your gambling enterprise conform to your stated business plan. Your casino, sportsbook, etc., should function just as described in your business strategy. Failure to comply with the requirements will result in the rejection of your application and necessitate its resubmission. A 10-year license will be issued once all processes have been approved. A compliance auditor approved by the Malta Gaming Authority will assess your business within the first 90 days of operation. The registration and licensing process for your iGaming business usually requires a timeframe of three to six months to finish. However, it may take up to 50 weeks to complete a full compliance assessment after the procedure has begun.

Licensing Costs for Malta Gaming Authority

The price of an MGA casino license in Malta varies widely. The costs you incur will be determined by several criteria, including the type of license(s) you seek. However, the whole cost of applying, licensing, and having your systems and compliance audited averages $65,000.

Each year, those who hold an MGA license must pay a compliance contribution. This figure is determined by the nature of the license you possess and the size of your business. For businesses with less than $16.5 million in revenue and fewer than 5 years of history, the first year of operation is tax-free.

Gaming Revenue earned from Maltese players is subject to a 5% Gaming Tax. Whether or not a player is subject to tax depends on whether they are established, have a permanent address, or have their primary residence in Malta.

MGA Casino sites and the Assurance of Safety and Security

Every licensing organization, including the MGA, takes player safety as its priority. You and the other players are safeguarded from things like fraud, data leakage, cyberattacks, and more. The MGA won’t give out a casino license unless it’s certain the casino will keep players’ money and personal details safe. If you gamble responsibly (which should be your top priority at any online casino), you can be assured that you will be safe at any of the MGA-licensed casinos featured here.

Choosing MGA Casinos for a Protected Gambling Experience

Where can we begin our search for the best online casinos? All kind of amusing games. Games like slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, live dealer casinos, and mobile casino games may all look and feel different, but they should all share a commitment to fair play at an MGA-licensed casino. To ensure that there are no frauds or hazards and that the results of games are truly random, MGA is performing a thorough audit of all Random Number Generators and other potential factors. So, in casinos operating under Malta’s jurisdiction, you can play a wide variety of games with complete confidence in their integrity.

MGA’s Guidelines for Secure Money Handling at Casinos

The casino, with the help of the MGA, shall also safeguard the player’s money. First, they shouldn’t have to worry about cyberattacks, which are unfortunately not a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence anymore. The MGA casinos must guarantee the safety of all consumer funds and data. In addition, players’ money should be stored in an account different from the casino’s operation funds, so it is not exposed to any operational risks (such as bankruptcy).


How to Get a Gambling License in Malta? 

Getting a Malta casino license is more difficult than Curacao. You have to provide documents like a certificate of good standing from the police issued within the past three months for each applicant and firm owner, original bank references that are no more than three months old. Certified copies of all owners’ and applicants’ passports, comprehensive company strategy, all gaming software, and third-party agreements, as well as a “Fit and Proper” examination and certification of conformity.

Where Can a Malta Gambling License Be Used? 

Any jurisdiction that does not prohibit online gaming will accept a Malta Gaming License. However, they can’t be utilized in countries on the FATF’s blacklist or in countries where a local license is necessary. Countries like the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, India, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Poland, and Japan are among those that fall into this category.

What Is the Best Malta Online Casino? 

There are lots of amazing Malta Licensed casinos. To alleviate the stress of finding these, we’ve provided a list of the best crypto casinos with a Malta license in the table above.

Can Online Casinos in Malta Be Trusted? 

If you’ve studied this book thoroughly, you know that casinos with MGA licenses are among the safest and most trustworthy in the industry. If you haven’t already, scroll ahead; there’s some fascinating background on the gambling establishments you’ll soon be visiting. Online casinos authorized by Malta are considered trustworthy.

Is Malta Gambling Authority License Reliable? 

The Malta Gaming Authority is widely acknowledged as a trustworthy gambling regulator. Licensed in Malta, it issues permits for a wide variety of gambling activities, including casinos, sportsbooks, and games of skill.

What Does Malta Gaming Authority Do? 

Online casinos MGA-licensed are governed by the Malta Gaming Authority, which is exactly what its name implies. It issues permits, informs businesses, monitors for conformity to stringent guidelines, safeguards the weak and the rights of players, and enforces compliance. The iGaming industry holds the MGA in the highest regard.

What Is a Malta Casino?

When referring to an online gambling site that offers casino games and other services, the term “Malta casino” is used to describe any site that has been granted a license by the Malta Gambling Authority.

How Licensing Works in Malta? 

The holder of a Malta iGaming license can legally operate in a wide variety of European Union (EU) and international markets, including those that specialize in online casino, eSport, online poker, lottery, bingo, raffle, sports betting, and possibly crypto gaming.

How to Contact the Curacao Gambling Authority?

You know that the MGA takes complaints seriously, so if you’re having a difficulty that the casino’s customer service can’t resolve, you may always contact the MGA directly through their website. You will undoubtedly learn the response, and it is hoped that the problem will be addressed quickly.

How to Know if You Are Playing at a Malta-Licensed Online Casino?

A good indicator of whether an online casino is trustworthy is whether it prominently displays its licensing information. The name of the licensing organization is typically listed at the end of a website. Furthermore, the MGA database allows you to verify the validity of the license number.

Some European countries want to stop the gambling operators of Malta from marketing to their citizens. Several have tried to enforce judgments in Maltese courts.

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